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What is Duco Paint?
Duco paint works as a finishing element over the wooden furniture during the making and coating process. To hide wood grains, the Duco paint is applied by trained painters and wood polishers and the proper use of Duco paint can provide a decent and luxurious look to your ordinary furniture. Duco paint is ideally fit for metallic surfaces and is thus extensively used to paint automobiles. Let’s know what is PU paint.

What is PU Paint?

PU paint is to give a final finish and a fine texture to the wooden surface. These coatings applied by professional wood polishers protect the wood from scratches, dust, moisture, and deflections in shape. Wood furniture enhances the décor of a home and if it can do so much to your home, then before installing it, proper finishing must be done.
Where to Use Paint
Duco paint offers a huge area for its application involving wooden furniture, automobile body, plywood, medium-density fibreboard, sheet metal, heavy equipment, and architectural and industrial metal structures.
PU paint is the perfect coating for interior and exterior wooden surface use. Solvent-base PU polish is highly recommendable for exteriors. PU gloss goes well with wood, metals, plastic, and glass furniture, and is ideal for industrial applications.
Duco paint brings many benefits with its application as it is applied by our skilled spray painters
Duco paints are good on all types of wooden furniture.
It goes perfectly with automobile bodies giving a brighter look.
The paint has got a good drying speed.
The market is full of colour choices when the user decides to go for Duco paint.
It aids us to give a matte and glossy finish.
Duco paints bring luxurious texture to the item.
The Duco paint blends to give a cohesively solid finish.
Duco paints bring a luxurious texture to the item. If you ask us as having more than three decades of experience in wood coating, we strongly recommend a sophisticated look.
PU coating is best in class which provides excellent flexibility which can be explained as:
PU polish delivers a strong coat.
The reason to love the PU coat is that it gives a superior and durable shine that protects the wooden surfaces from scratches and stains.
Multiple finishes are achievable by expert painters from dead matt to a very high gloss, smooth finish, and high solid coatings.
It brings high protection against UV rays and weathering.
Talking about mechanical properties, the PU coat contains high resistance against heat, excellent hardness, in-depth clarity, and corrosion resistance.
Versatile properties like good electrical insulating, low odour and environment-friendly characters are also possessed by PU coatings. In common language, it doesn’t leave hot cup marks on the surface.
Limitation of Paints
Above all the benefits, there are a few limitations with Duco paints as stated:
A combination of equipment needs to apply involving spray guns and compressors.
It always requires skilled spray painters to apply for, to give a better finish. But don’t you worry at all, Home Glazer has got you covered.
The stability of colour is sometimes at risk because exposure to sunlight might cause yellowish to the surface.
During application, Duco paint cannot sustain much in temperature variation.
This is a question on environment-friendly criteria because thinner get used in this too.

There are few limitations of PU paints
PU paint gets darker over some time while over time.
PU paint requires extra attention when implementing on the surface and needs a lot of men labour and hard work
Making of Paints:
Duco Paint is a One-Component mix which means a single chemical.
Pu Paint can be of both One Component or Two-Component.
PU coating comes in two types: water and oil-based, which gives many varieties of finish. Whereas Duco paint gives waterproof protection but it needs compulsory use of a spray machine.
Application Process of Duco and PU:
To apply for both an expert skill is required. PU application is more difficult. Both paints require a machine spray hence an experienced skilled applicator is required.
Life Cons of Duco and PU:
After a certain period of time Duco paint reflects a yellowish Effect. On the other hand, PU Remains constant as it was painted.
Exterior Use of Duco and PU:
Both uses but PU is more reliable than Duco, so many people prefer PU for exterior Painting.
Both are stronger but PU has a better strength compared to Duco, It takes more time to dry but once it is dried it is more robust
Duco paint has a long life which makes it a smart option to select for interior or exterior painting but on the other hand, the durability of PU lasts longer than Duco. As a result, it ranks first in terms of durability.

Finish Quality of Duco and PU:
Both are available in gloss and matte finishes. The gloss finish level achieved in PU is better than Duco. The matte finish is more soothing in PU when compared to Duco.
Metallic Effects:
PU is a premium quality that gives the upper hand in high-quality metallic effects to wood and metal surfaces. The metallic effects available in PU are superb; Duco fails to give that effect. All the metallic effects are not available in Duco but available in PU.

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