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Placement Opportunities

Nirmaan School Of Design and Arts

In India, there are many job opportunities available to Interior Design graduates. Most renowned companies/ firms offer internship opportunities to students who are pursuing an Interior Design course. Based on an aspirant’s performance during the internship, they are hired for a full-time job. 

All students who graduate from NSDA will be provided with Job assistance.

Job interviews will be placed on the basis of Attendance, Performance, Portfolio and cracking the interview will the students part.


Placement Assistance will be offered to students of


Advance Diploma 



Scope of Interior Design in India

Pursuing a career in Interior Design can prove fruitful for aspirants. At the beginning of their career, most Interior Design graduates prefer working with Architectural and Interior Designer firms. However, later most professionals in this field become entrepreneurs.

After completing an Interior Design course, aspirants can either straight away apply for a job or they may consider pursuing higher education in this field. Some courses that Interior Design graduates can pursue to enhance their skills are:

  • M.Des. in Interior Design
  • M.Sc. in Interior Design
  • Master Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Certificate Specialisation Courses
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