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Nirmaan School of Design and Arts (NSDA) is a contemporary design institute nestled in Andheri, Mumbai, a city regarded as India’s epicenter of arts, culture, design and business. The Independent Design School aspires to challenge the boundaries of creativity by offering its students innovative approaches to education that prepares them for careers in Interior Design and Arts. NSDA’s learner-centric curriculum and pedagogy is one of the most unique propositions of the Institute. Design, by definition, is about problem solving and requires the practitioner to think of creative, but viable solutions to problems facing the end user, the client, the organisation, the community or the country at large.

Nirmaan School of Design & Arts stands by the belief that identifying a design solution is an intellectual process of undeniable value. NSDA is distinct in a way that it was conceived with the commitment to provide internationally paralleled design education in India and an earnest desire to help students fall in love with learning Interior Design again.

We are also committed to provide different courses for Interior Designing and turn the one into a world class Interior designer.

The Institute conducts course for their B.Voc., Advance Diploma And Diploma programs in Interior Designing. 

The school encourages various unique activities and workshops along with the regular educational classes such that the students maintain equilibrium with the contemporary. Today the school has been able to hold its roots in art and in designing flourish with the branches reaching far and wide to every aspect of creative expressions.

The Team

NSDA Team Details


Ar. Asavri Rajopadhye
Designation- Architect
Role in NSDA- Director

As a young educational entrepreneur and Practicing Architect, AR. ASAVRI  RAJOPADHYE is best known for her carefully conceived educational programs. She  is the Founder Director of the prestigious NIRMAAN SCHOOL OF DESIGN AND ARTS (NSDA), ANDHERI WEST, MUMBAI. She established NSDA  in the year 2019. In this span, she has established an institution that boasts of undergraduate, graduate and professional courses,  study programs in Interior Design and Arts, with an excellent team of academicians and a campus in the heart of MUMBAI.  AR. Asavri  Rajopadhye  has set another milestone in her own practicing work too.

She brings passion and experience to the field of education and a commitment to creating a world-class Design school in Mumbai  to cater to the standards and requirements of international design. She believes in quality interdisciplinary programs that will nurture talent and intellectual curiosity, foster critical thinking along with giving the students a core skill set. To this end, she has set up a great standard campus with high-tech infrastructure and has engaged the best talent to give direction to the students.

She  has the vision to help students benefit from collaborations with design firms. Her experience and hardwork set a great, deep curriculum for students. Ar. Asavri Rajopadhye is synonymous with quality education and NSDA  is set to create a benchmark in International  Interior Design Education.

Asavri Rajopadhye’s  career trajectory  is a reflection of her ability to succeed in a dynamic environment. She feels that “Design” must be meaningful. She sees design as a powerful tool, and a way of life and derives joy in using it for the benefit of those that surround us.


Ar. Sunil Magdum
Designation- Architect
Role in NSDA- Mentor

Prof. Ar. Sunil Magdum  is a multi-disciplinary design practitioner with over 34+ years experience in the area of Architecture and Interior design as a Mentor, academician and leading professional.. He is a Fellow member of Indian Institute of Architects (I.I.A.). Prof. Ar. Sunil Magdum graduated with a Bachelor’s in Architecture (B.Arch.), in 1984. He holds a Post Graduation (M.Arch.) in Environmental Architecture. In his endeavour to keep himself abreast of the ever evolving professional practices, he is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to upgrade his skills.

As a design professional he is Principal Architect of M/s. Reenowned Architects, and has worked on multiple projects.

Prof. Ar. Sunil Magdum is the Mentor and guide for Interior Design Department of Nirmaan School of Design and Arts

Role in NSDA- H.O.D. of Arts

Deepa Magdum, an eminent visual artist from Mumbai. Her passion for art has driven her to explore creativity in various fields like metal, portrait, landscape, etc. from J.J. School of Arts. According to her art is a means of portraying the unique individual emotions of an artist. Art manifests creativity and culture from within and answering to that call to create takes dedication and fortitude. She has participated in many exhibitions in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa (Kala Academy). 

Being aware of her social responsibilities and the power of giving back she has participated in exhibitions to fund the needy farmers.


NSDA Faculty


Designation- Interior Designer
Role in NSDA- Permanent Faculty

Miloni Shah is a designated faculty member in the field of Interior Designing associated with NSDA.

She has completed her Diploma in Interior Designing & have been successfully practicing the same since 2.5 years. Her keen interest & utmost passion towards creativity & designing drove her towards this stream. A work profile that serves her an extra edge over the other. She loves the idea of teaching & nurturing new comers in the same field.

Simran Manwani
Designation- Architect
Role in NSDA- Permanent Faculty

Simran is associated with NSDA as a core faculty member. She is a working professional in the field with a significant amount of experience. She has a zest towards teaching lot of enthusiasm & dedication.

Sameer Bhitale
Role in NSDA- Permanent faculty – Arts

All art expressed in terms of aesthetics is called fine art. The best of them is painting, through which human beings express their feelings. For this I always try to give the beginning of painting i.e. point, line, shape, color and the basic elements of how to use them. Using which students can express their feelings more effectively.

I put my heart and soul into my work and I have lost my mind in the process.        

_vincent van gogh


Ar. Amish Mistry

Designation- Architect
Role in NSDA- Visiting Faculty

Amish Mistry is a visiting faculty member at NSDA. As an Architect his aim is to shape young minds which is essential for holistic and responsible design solutions.

His objective is to bring out the best creative potential from every student. His lives by the motto that Good Art is Talent but a Good Design is a skills

Name- Ar. Kanchi Parmar

Designation- Architect

Role in NSDA – Visiting Faculty

What good is knowledge if you don’t pass it on? 

It is true that knowledge feeds itself once shared with others, and what to say if it’s amongst the peers. The energy at NSDA is to showcase the spirit of youth supporting the youth. It is an immense pleasure to be a part of such an inspiring fraternity.

Having pursued B.Arch and now exploring the depths of Interior Design through practice, it is a delighting experience to share every little bit as pursued, with the curious minds.

Name : Prajakta Joijode

Designation : Interior Designer & Landscape Designer

Role in NSDA : Visiting Faculty

Prajakta is a young and enthusiastic practicing Landscape Designer from Mumbai and is a visiting faculty at NSDA.  She takes keen interest in designing better places for people with sensible design approaches and sensitivity to the local climate and context. She’s passionate and striving towards producing the latest and authentic information in the niche of education. .

Name- Ar. Sushmita Maity

Designation- Architect

Role in NSDA- Teaching ‘Communication Skills’ for Degree and Diploma.

Personal note- I am a practicing Architect and it’s a pleasure to be a part of the NSDA education system. As here we have students from designer as well as none designer backgrounds. Hence, we teach the students from ground zero and guide them to be a better professional in future.

“What is Art? It is the response of man’s creative soul to the call of the real.”- Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

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