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What is interior photography?
Whether it’s white walls and clean lines or colorful furniture and eccentric details, interior photography is about capturing that emotion by balancing light, composition, and depth to make viewers feel like they’re actually there.

What is architecture photography called?
Architectural photography is exactly what it sounds like; the photography of architectural structures. Great architectural photography needs to make the most of a structure’s design and environmental setting. The best architectural photography is interesting, aesthetically appealing, skillful and accurate.

Tips to remember while practicing interior design and architecture photography:
1) Always use a tripod
2) Whenever possible, use a flash
3) When shooting whole rooms, don’t get too wide
4) Try panoramas for ultra-wide shots
5) Whenever possible, try to shoot only one or two walls
6) Make sure your camera is perfectly level

How do you take professional pictures of the interior?
Focus on the Details.
Turn off the Lights.
Work With Layers.
Don’t Shoot Too Wide.
Let Composition Guide Your Shot.
Create Depth With the Styling Objects.
Get Rid of Any Clutter.
Use Your Styling Skills for Interior Photography.

Which are the Best Cameras for Interior Designers?
Canon EOS R: (best camera for interior designers)
Sony a7 III: (best camera for interior design photography)
Nikon D750: (best dslr camera for interior design photography)
Canon 5D Mark IV: (best camera for interior design shots)

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