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Corian is a brand of solid surface material created by DuPont. Its primary use is as a countertop and benchtop surface, though it has many other applications.

DuPont has issued various sub-branded releases of the material which contain unique design elements or methods of manufacture. Notably, these have included:
Corian Private Collection:
1. First colors introduced in 2002; this product line is inspired by the randomness of patterns found in nature. Some colors and patterns in this product line resemble stone and other natural materials and all colors have complex non-repeating patterns not found in other Corian products.
2. Corian Terra Collection: First colors introduced in the 2000s; this product line contains between six and twenty percent recycled content
3. Corian Illumination Series: First colors introduced in 2007; this product line is semi-translucent allowing for new designs calling for backlit applications
4. Corian Metallics Series: First colors introduced in 2010; this product line contains particulate of gold and silver fleck to give the product a metallic appearance. This creates a depth that simulates movement and variation of color when the same installation is viewed from different angles.

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