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Aluminium foam is a material made of Aluminium, which is also populated with a large volume of pores or cavities. It is a solid material filled with pores such that up to 95% of the volume consists of gas-filled voids, in two different kinds of structures.
These panels are formed through air injection in molten aluminium and at a certain temperature, when air bubbles stabilize forming foam panels that create intriguing patterns and layers for opacity, texture, transparency and brightness. As per its manufacturing process, the foam panels can be formed with varied densities, shapes and visibility.
These sound-absorbing panels create patterns within the interiors and play a major role in shades and shadows. The aluminium foam used on the facade shows the totalitarian and infiniteness of the structure and adding identity to its structure. Its manufacturing defines the material into three types- small, mid and large aluminium cells. Giving the “froth” look, this material classifies the future of the metal facade with breathing pores.
Aluminium foam panels are seen in facades, wall cladding, ceiling tiles or dropped ceilings, retail displays, lighting fixtures, exhibits and more. The material’s porosity, lightweight nature and unique aesthetic of the material also make it a favourite for artists and designers creating lighting, furniture and decorative interior products.

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