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Vastu Shastra is an ancient guide for a positive home, right from the entrance of a house to the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, outdoors, and courtyard.

The Vaastu configuration seeks to magnify the benefits of solar energy concerning the functions of the dwelling. While space opens up to north and east for constant light and morning light, it closes to the south and west, where less-used rooms protect the house from the afternoon heat.

The Interior Design
Main door
The main door is where energies flow in and out of the dwelling. It is vital to place it towards the north, east or north-east to potentiate the entry of positive energies in place of negative ones. It should be higher than the other house doors, constructed with superior quality wood, with two shutters and decorated with auspicious motifs to look the most appealing.

The way furniture is placed in a space can affect the energy balance, generating a positive or negative impact on health and mental peace.

Vaastu considers the square to be the most perfect and stable form. It is essential to maintain square or rectangular forms and avoid other shapes for the entire house design; this includes furniture, located on the southeast, south or west side to open up to the north for vital energy.
When sitting, reading, working or cooking, one should face the east, north or west; on the one hand, for constant daylight and morning sun exposure, on the other, to avoid directing the head towards the north causing a repelling effect of positive energy. Accordingly, beds should ensure the position of the head towards the south for sleeping.

In Vaastu Shastra, it is crucial to maintain a clean home and allow air and positive energy flow; therefore, all furniture, books, decorative objects, idols and statues should be placed at least two inches away from the walls and never create clutter.

Mirrors can stagnate and deteriorate energy by reflecting it according to their position. They are paired with the water element since they have similar reflective qualities, which means they should position on north or east walls. Bearing that in mind, they should never face this direction as they might redirect away positive energy entering. They should not face each other, reflect sunlight or situate in front of beds.

In this light, it is preferable to avoid any objects of reflection in bedrooms all together. Should this not be, light curtains on northeast windows and doors and heavy ones on southwest for any part of the house help prevent adverse effects from the reflection of windows and doors made of glass.

For Vaastu Shastra, there are two ways to select the appropriate colours: following the zodiac sign or the location providing the direction for one of the panchabhutas. Each of the five elements denotes a particular hue of colours to maintain its energy balance.
Above all, they should be subtle and pleasant instead of aggravating as they translate into energy. Regarding materials, they should keep the same type and size of the flooring, cut evenly and in regular shapes to maintain a general quality throughout the house.

As per Vaastu, individual objects come with different benefits: particular plants renovate the energy of any space, specific painting themes bring good luck and strengthen the power of the elements, a fountain and fish aquarium’s constant movement transforms negative energy into positive, like the pyramid that neutralizes negative energy through the use of its own power.

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